Green Network is a partnership of environmental organizations, activists, initiatives and experts united a network for the development of the green movement in Belarus, making impact on environmental decision-making at local, national and international levels, monitor and address environmental issues by civil society.

We act as an association from 6 November 2007. Currently Green Network consists of 16 environmental NGOs and 38 individual participants. Organizations and activists work in Minsk, Grodno, Gomel, Baranovichi, Brest and other regions of Belarus.

The problems that we are concerned, can not be solved by one organization or person. Only united, we can expect that our voice will be heard and opinion is taken into account. This is the main reason why we are committed to the consolidation of the Belarusian green movement.

Green Network’s Mission is to achieve harmony between human and nature through sustainable development and the strong green movement.


Our strategic directions:

  1. Nature protection and recovery of ecosystems.
  2. Promotion of public participation in environmental decision-making.
  3. Development of the green movement in Belarus and the EECCA region (Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia).

Green Network activities are based on the principles of sustainable development and the Earth Charter, fairness, transparency, democratic participation, respect for human rights and gender equality.

We want the people of Belarus and in the region to recognize the value of nature and treat it with care and respect, and to have the competencies and effective mechanisms of participation in environmental decision-making, so that the state environmental control is arranged properly, the economy does not harm the environment, ecosystems are protected and recovering, and the right to a healthy environment is guaranteed.

We actively cooperate with civil society organizations, government, academia communities, as well as business companies sharing our concerns about the environment in Belarus.

International cooperation and support of green movement development of the regional level is also one of the priorities of our activities: Green Network is an active member of the National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership, and currently co-ordinated activities of the CSF Working Group 3 (Climate, Energy and Environment), as well as international network of Climate Action Network in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, member of Women in Europe for common future.


Members of the Green Network’s Board:

  • Irina Sukhyi, Board member of the Public Association «Ecohome»;
  • Andrey Egorov, Director of the Center for European Transformation;
  • Oksana Kuzina, NGO «Prastora»;
  • Leonid Platonenko, individual member of the Green Network;
  • Gregory Terentyev, chairman of the Public Association «Earth Hour»;
  • Uladz Stashevich, individual member of the Green Network;
  • Mikalai Kvantaliani, EaP CSF National Coordinator in Belarus



  • Urban Forester is a campaign of the Green Network partnership aimed at preserving green areas in cities by efforts of citizens.  
  • Belarus Wildlife Protection Working Group is a group of enthusiasts that united for the purpose of effective conservation of protected areas (nature reserves, national parks, nature reserves and natural monuments).  
  • Climatic Campaign — goals of the Climatic Campaign include support to mitigation of impact on climate and adaptation to existing and future change thereof.  
  • The Green Watch is a public environmental inspection, created in order to help the people of Belarus to solve everyday environmental problems through prevention, detection and correction of non-compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Legal Service — lawyers of the legal service are working to help citizens protect their environmental rights and to promote appropriate participation in environmental decision-making.  
  • The School of Young Environmental Leaders is aimed to strengthen the Belarusian environmental movement through engaging new people, who know major environmental problems, understand their right to a healthy environment, and are able to show civic activism.  
  • School of Environmental Legal Advisers for those who want to become competent legal advisers to protect the rights of citizens to a healthy environment, to help people learn how to protect their rights on their own, as well as to participate in the conservation of wildlife.  
  • Public actions — outreach actions of city and national scale are an opportunity to present environmental issues, such as climate change, conservation of wetlands, green consumption, etc., to ordinary people in a clear, vivid and inspiring manner.


Calendar of public actions by Green Network and our partners:

  • Last Saturday of March​ the Earth Hour;
  • No fixed date​ «Zrobim!», a global clean-up campaign;
  • April 22  the Earth Day;
  • June 6 «Climate, don’t go!»;
  • September 16-22, September 22 Mobility Week, Car Free Day;
  • October 22 World Paper Free Day;  
  • November 15-22 Plastic Free Week.


Volunteer service — people that want to join environmental activist and contribute to their work can become our volunteers. For every volunteer we try to pick up activities that interest him or her and to develop their professional skills.

The Green Portal is the main information resource featuring original materials and up to date environmental news from Belarus and all around the world, a platform for communication and information exchange, a meeting place for ambitious ideas and expert opinions. There are 4 regional branches of the Green Portal: in Grodno, Gomel, Brest and Vitebsk.



Green Network is open for partnership and cooperation with organizations and initiatives in Belarus that are interested in joint actions for the environment protection. To become a member of the Green Network, it is necessary to conclude an agreement.

If you are willing to contribute to establishment of a community based on respect for nature, sustainable development principles and peace culture, if our mission appeals to you and you are interested in the areas of our activity, if you are eager to cooperate with organizations of the Green Network or join us, please contact us by e-mail

Apart from that you can become our volunteer. If you have ideas and are looking for like-minded people or you want to implement their own environmental projects — join now! Fill a volunteer form and we will find you a deal according to your interests and skills.



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220088, Minsk, 50V Zakharava., office 60H, Belarus

More information about our work you can find in our annual report 2017